I’m gonna sound like a commercial for this guy, but I feel like he saved me. I discovered to my horror that I had the little horrible pest and I swear I was ready to jump off a bridge. They bit up my brand new girlfriend and that was how I discovered them. She and I got the hell out the apartment, all freaked out and trying to decide what to do. We saw a sign that said “Bed Bugs?” and I called the number after every bug guy in the yellow pages that we called said they couldn’t do anything for me for days. The guy who answered the phone, Cesar Soto( I put his number to the end) said he would come right over even though it was a Sunday. At this point I was incredibly depressed as Cesar discovered bed bugs even in my books…. It was a really bad infestation as I travel all the time with my band, I sometimes spend weeks on the road so these guys went unnoticed for some time. I was so delighted with Cesar’s knowledge of bed bugs that I knew they be light at the end of the tunnel. Cesar and his crew not only made my apartment bb free gave me my life back…..
Harry, NYC