What People are Saying

What people are saying on bedbugger.com and other outlets about Cesar Soto and Freedom Pest Control
“We had bed bugs in 3 out of 8 units in our building, Cesar Soto came in and immediately started addressing the issue. He isolated the bed bugs to each apartment and treated the rest of the building to ensure the bugs did not spread to the other apartments. He is very professional, his prices are reasonable and he’s done a thorough job. There were lots of ups and downs among the tenants in the building and even handled that with great fortitude. We’ve now been bed bug free for 8 months. I sincerely recommend Cesar and his dog Tre for dealing with bed bugs.
Green point, Brooklyn


What is extremely apparent is how passionate Cesar is about his work. He came off as extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the problem. I was overcome by a sense of comfort in his experience at dealing with BB infestations. This lead to great advice about how to conduct my own behavior so as not to spread the problem into other areas. He knows how the bugs act and react and how you in turn, should counteract. Even the little things such as how to tie bags to secure your clothing to ensure quarantine. After 1 week of prepping my apt on my own, he came in for a treatment with his crew. This was followed by a second treatment 10 days later.
It has now been 3 weeks since my first treatment and I have not any bites or sightings. Thanks Cesar!
Park Slope