K-9 Detection

We have proven to be one of the leader in Bed Bug Eradication, and are proud to introduce our valuable team member —New York’s First NESDCA Bed Bug Detection Dog” TRE “.  Our specially trained “man’s best friend” is truly your best friend in the fight against Bed Bugs “.

freedomdogLaw enforcement agencies all know that when under attack, its time to bring in the CANINE SPECIAL FORCES! The fight against BED BUGS is no different…  Tre is the key to winning that fight.

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About Canine Bed Bug Detectors Handlers

Why trust the handler first? 

Simple all dogs trained by J&K Canine Academy and certified by NESDCA can and will detect the target pest at a rate no human can. It is up to the handler to promote the dogs amazing ability to detect scent by continuing the vigorous training and adherence to the guidelines summarized by J&K Canine Academy as well as the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.

A Word from the Founder of Freedom Pest Control

Inspection_CesarHello my name is Cesar Soto Deleon and the founder of Freedom Pest Control. I am proud to say Freedom is different from most other pest control companies. Do not take this the wrong way, you have great companies out there, however, Bed Bugs are a true menace and will alter your way of life, like no other pest. At Freedom, we understand the pain and misery that these critters can cause, and we will treat you with undestanding and compassion, and will always remain discrete.

K9 detection is a tool to enhance a true Bed Bug program, the dog is only as good as the handler.  As other companies add k9’s to their services, the cleint must first trust the handler, trust the dog, and trust the team. Do your homework and decide what is best for you.

I am the handler of TRE, and with my full commitment and experience in Bed Bugs detection, our thorough methodical treatment will bare witness to our care and concern for your unjust intrusion of these parasite.

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